Meet Chris Creech

Chris G. Creech, Esq. BA, JD.

Locally born and raised in Central Kentucky, establishing Creech Law Office, PLLC, in 2006 without the marketing budget of "Morgan and Morgan", "The Hammer" or "The Tiger"; Creech Law works personally with our clients. Providing a welcoming office where clients have on the spot availability and also cell phone contact 24/7 (you may have to leave a message after 10pm). Developing trust and relationships; we build on the strength of experience, and knowledge to completely satisfy your needs. 

This approach to legal representation is comforting to clients and reminiscent to the small town legal counsel that is not available with big firms. Chris won't take a case until the client comes in and feels comfortable with Chris. He makes sure that each client understands and trusts his experience in each person's legal needs. We find insurance adjusters that are used to dealing with commercial firms constantly wanting us to settle for less than our client deserves [because they are used to settling for lower numbers with those firms]. Instead, Chris demands and fights for fair compensation. We've learned that trusted local attorneys get better results for clients. Creech Law is driven to provide availability and personally working with clients, judges and juries on a professional and consistent basis to earn the trust of all; through that process, we have the key to success."


Client Testimonials

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